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Javascript : Read/parse JSON data from HTTP response

javascript json parse

This is just a quick note on how to parse JSON data with Javascript. The JSON data is generated in….... read more

Golang : How to get URL port?

golang url parse splithostport

From the previous tutorial on how to break down a URL string, a reader emailed me wanting to….... read more

Golang : Parsing or breaking down URL

golang url parse fragment

Golang provides an easy way to consume and parse URL. It has a very neat package ( http://golang.org/pkg/net/url.... read more

Golang : Proper way to test CIDR membership of an IP 4 or 6 address example

golang CIDR ip-address contains parse-ip


You have generated a range of IP addresses from a given Classless Inter-Domain Routing address(CIDR) address and you want….... read more

Golang : flag provided but not defined error

golang flag-provided parse-flag

Problem :

Your program uses flag.Parse() function to parse the command line arguments and everything is working fine until you….... read more

Javascript : How to loop over and parse JSON data?

javascript jquery loop-over parse-json

This note is a short tutorial on how to loop over and parse JSON data with JQuery's each() function and….... read more

Golang : Error reading timestamp with GORM or SQL driver

golang gorm mysql mariadb timestamp parse-time

Problem :

It is common for application to read from database these days and sometimes a missing parameter in the….... read more

Golang : Convert date or time stamp from string to time.Time type

golang string-timestamp convert time-parse

Problem :

You have dates or time stamps in string format(usually from database) and you want to convert them into….... read more