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Golang : Gorrila mux.Vars() function example

golang gorilla mux-vars

Gorrila Web toolkit mux.Vars() function usage example. Vars contains the URI variables of the current request.

For example :

URL….... read more

Golang : Multiplexer with net/http and map

golang http mux multiplexer map

This is additional tutorial on multiplexer, with just net/http package and a map.

A multiplexer allows you to….... read more

Golang : Handle API query by curl with Gorilla Queries example

golang http mux restful-api gorilla-queries

This is an add on for previous tutorial on how to use Gorilla mux example. One reader emailed….... read more

Golang : Web routing/multiplex example

golang http mux web-route multiplex gorilla

Routing based on the URL's path can be useful in some cases like build RESTful API server.

Problem :

You….... read more

Golang : Serving HTTP and Websocket from different ports in a program example

golang web-socket HTTP port mux


For some reason you want to split the port use by your program to serve HTTP and Web-socket traffic.….... read more

Golang : Pat multiplexer routing example

golang http mux web-route multiplex pat

This is a short tutorial on how to use Pat multiplexer - a Sinatra style pattern muxer for Go's net/http….... read more

Golang : HTTP Routing with Goji example

golang http mux web-route multiplex goji

Alright, this tutorial will show you how to do HTTP routing with Carl Jackson a.k.a zenazn's Goji package. Pretty simple….... read more

Golang : How to return HTTP status code?

golang http status-code mux

Was helping out a friend today on her work and one of the problems that she encountered during coding was….... read more