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Golang : Quadratic example

golang quadratic math-square-root parsefloat

Here is a simple tutorial on how to perform quadratic calculation with Golang. This program accepts two floating point values….... read more

Golang : Squaring elements in array

golang square elements array

Problem :

You need to calculate the square values of the elements in an array or slice.

Solution :

.... read more

Linux : How to set root password in Linux Mint

linux-mint sudo root-password

Alright, just a minor note for my own future reference. Just received my Dual Band USB Adapter today and encounter….... read more

Fix ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'root'@'ip-address' (using password: YES)

mysql mariadb access-denied root

Problem :

It is a standard procedure for database administrator to ssh into database server and work on localhost level.….... read more

Golang : Find correlation coefficient example

golang math-sqrt correlation-coefficient

Below is an example of Golang code to find the strength of relation between two given variables or correlation coefficient.….... read more

Golang : Force your program to run with root permissions

golang sudo root permissions exec id


Because of security requirements, you need to create programs that can only be executed with the proper root permissions.….... read more

Golang : Math pow(the power of x^y) example

golang math-pow power-of

No programming language will be complete without the power of math function. This tutorial is a simple example on how….... read more

Golang : Check if integer is power of four example

golang math-pow power-of


You need to test if a given integer is a power of 4. For example, if given number =….... read more