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Golang : How to delete element(data) from map ?

golang delete element map

Problem :

You need to delete some elements from a map.

Such as:

cities := map[string]string{ "city1":"New York", "city2":"Adelaide"….... read more

Golang : Extract or copy items from map based on value

golang extract-element map-subset copy-map


You want to copy map or make a new map with subset or extract items from another map based….... read more

Golang : Map within a map example

golang map array

Just an example of map within map in Golang. The example below demonstrates how to put declare a map with….... read more

Golang : Check if element exist in map

golang check-element map

Key based element search on a map is the most frequent method use to retrieve the associated value. However, there….... read more

Golang : Copy map(hash table) example

golang copy-map


You have a map and you want to copy the elements to another map. How to do that ?

.... read more

Golang : Array mapping with Interface

golang interface map array

New comers to Golang often have slight difficulty understanding how interface works in Golang. This is a simple tutorial to….... read more

Golang : Converting individual Jawi alphabet to Rumi(Romanized) alphabet example

jawirumi translatemap translation

Recently I've been busy enhancing my Jawi to Rumi converter and I found out that some Jawi words cannot….... read more

Golang : Multiplexer with net/http and map

golang http mux multiplexer map

This is additional tutorial on multiplexer, with just net/http package and a map.

A multiplexer allows you to….... read more