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Golang : List all packages and search for certain package

golang list-packages mux go-list

Problem :

You need to find out if a server has the packages that you need to run or compile….... read more

Golang : Iterating Elements Over A List

golang list

In this short tutorial, we will learn how to iterate the elements over a list. The code below will populate….... read more

Golang : All update packages with go get command

golang go-get update packages

Problem :

Some of the third party packages that your Golang application use have now been superseded by better version.….... read more

Golang : The Tao of importing package

golang import shortening-identifier packages tao

Jotting down this quick tutorial on how to use import statement properly with formatted I/O - fmt package. However, this….... read more

Golang : Linked list example

golang FIFO LIFO linked-list

In Golang, I would say that slices superseded list.... as slices would allow you to dynamically resize, pop, push, cut,….... read more

Golang : Shuffle array of list

golang shuffle array slice list map

Continue from previous tutorial on how to shuffle an array of strings, to shuffle array of list is….... read more

Golang : Get all local users and print out their home directory, description and group id

golang home-directory os-user local-user-list

In this short tutorial, we will explore how to get a list of users from the local machine and iterate….... read more

Golang : Convert lines of string into list for delete and insert operation

golang container-list push-delete-pop-remove linked-list text-string


You want to convert a list of items in text format into a list. With the list, you want….... read more