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Golang : Convert octal value to string to deal with leading zero problem

golang octal leading-zero-problem convert-octal-to-string

Problem :

You have some integer variables or input data that starts with zero and they are causing some funky….... read more

Golang : Count leading or ending zeros(any item of interest) example

golang leading-zero count-spaces count-ending


You want to count the number of leading spaces or zeros in a string such as

000-123-456 ,….... read more

Golang : Print leading(padding) zero or spaces in fmt.Printf?

golang leading-zero padding-space fmt-printf

Problem :

You want to include leading zero or spaces in front(prefix) of integer when printing out with fmt.Println() or….... read more

Make your boxes smaller to think or jump out

life problem-solving think-out-box

A problem is like a box. The bigger the box, the harder to think out of it. In life, there….... read more

Golang : ffmpeg with os/exec.Command() returns non-zero status

golang ffmpeg non-zero-status os-exec command run


You want to use ffmpeg with os/exec.Command() and Run() to create your video files.

However, it keeps bombing….... read more

Golang: Pad right or print ending(suffix) zero or spaces in fmt.Printf example

golang pad-right ending-zero fmt-printf suffix

From the previous tutorial on how to pad left or print leading zeros with fmt.Printf() function, a reader….... read more

Golang : Dealing with postal or zip code example

golang octal postal-code zip-code padding-zero

Problem :

For some countries, the postal code or zip code starts with zero and this can be problematic for….... read more