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Javascript : Access JSON data example

javascript json


You have a JSON string such as below and you want to access the data individually via Javascript. How….... read more

Golang : JQuery AJAX post data to server and send data back to client example

golang jquery ajax javascript

Just want to write this tutorial for fun.

In this tutorial, we will learn how to use JQuery's AJAX to….... read more

Javascript : Generate random key with specific length

javascript random-string

Was looking for a way to generate random string with Javascript today and also wanted to limit the random string….... read more

How to show different content from website server when AdBlock is detected?

adblock javascript innerHTML advertisement

Problem :

The ads you placed on your website are not showing up because they were blocked by browsers based….... read more

Javascript : Shuffle or randomize array example

javascript randomize shuffle

Problem :

You have an array and you want to shuffle the items in the array. How to do that….... read more

Javascript : Read/parse JSON data from HTTP response

javascript json parse

This is just a quick note on how to parse JSON data with Javascript. The JSON data is generated in….... read more

Javascript : How to replace HTML inside <div>?

javascript replace-HTML div

Problem :

How to use Javascript to replace the HTML codes?

While attempting to show different content to visitors equipped….... read more

Javascript : Prompt confirmation before exit

javascript confirm-exit

There are times when I typed some words into Facebook comment fields and then somehow got distracted to do something else only to come back….... read more