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Golang : io.Reader causing panic: runtime error: invalid memory address or nil pointer dereference

golang reset-io-reader panic-runtime-error invalid-memory nil-pointer-dereference

Problem :

You read a file to retrieve some data with io.Reader, then when you attempt to read the same….... read more

Golang : Reset or rewind io.Reader or io.Writer

golang io-reader io-writer seek panic-runtime-error invalid-memory nil-pointer-dereference

Problem :

You have read file with io.Reader till EOF. Or you want to rewrite a file with io.Writer again.….... read more

Golang : invalid character ',' looking for beginning of value

golang invalid-character

In has been a while since I've encounter a strange error message that I couldn't comprehend. However, today is special….... read more

Golang : Clone with pointer and modify value

golang pointer clone

For those familiar with C language and learning Golang, bear in mind that Golang supports pointer. In this short tutorial,….... read more

Golang : Ways to recover memory during run time.

golang garbage-collection runtime free-memory

Problem :

Most program written with Golang should have automatic garbage collection to recover the used memory. However, there are….... read more

Golang : Fix cannot use buffer (type bytes.Buffer) as type io.Writer(Write method has pointer receiver) error

golang io-writer bytes-buffer pointer-receiver

Problem :

You created a variable of type bytes.Buffer and encounter this error message when you want to use the….... read more

Golang : How to handle file size larger than available memory panic issue

golang filesize memory-limit panic http-detectcontenttype


You are trying to convert create a slice with a size of a very large file. The file size….... read more

Golang : How to get garbage collection data?

golang garbage-collection heapsize memory-allocation

Problem :

You have read the previous tutorial on recovering memory and you want to trigger garbage collection….... read more