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Golang : Get dimension(width and height) of image file

golang image dimension height width

If you need to open up an image file, be it jpeg, png or gif. Chances are you will need….... read more

Golang : Fix image: unknown format error

golang image-dimension width height unknown-format-error decode-config

Problem :

You want to find out the dimension of an image file with image.DecodeConfig() function - to….... read more

Golang : Get terminal width and height example

golang terminal-dimension width height

Problem :

You want to find out a terminal/console's width and height to calibrate your Golang text based program display.….... read more

Javascript : How to get width and height of a div?

javascript jquery div-dimension div-width div-height

Problem :

You have a <div> and you want to get the dimension of the <div> such as height and….... read more

Golang : Convert []byte to image

golang image convert byte

There are times when you need to convert []byte to image for saving into file purpose. I encountered one of….... read more

Golang : Grayscale Image

golang grayscale image

Another feature that I like about this Disintegration Imaging package is the ability to generate grayscaled image. The….... read more

Golang : Generate Datamatrix barcode

golang barcode datamatrix paste-image

Datamatrix barcode is popular in the electronics, technology, arts and food industry as a way to mark small items. As….... read more

Golang : Simple image viewer with Go-GTK

golang image-viewer gtk

This is a really simple command line image viewer program written in Golang. Instead of viewing images with Photoshop or….... read more