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Golang : "https://" not allowed in import path

golang https-not-allowed import-path

Problem :

Attempt to go get packages return this error message

"https://" not allowed in import path

Solution :

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Javascript : How to check a browser's Do Not Track status?

javascript do-not-track privacy-badger tracking

Problem :

You work for an advertisement network and you want to respect a visitor's Do Not Track status. How….... read more

Golang : Fix opencv.LoadHaarClassifierCascade The node does not represent a user object error

golang opencv loadhaarclassifiercascade does-not-represent-a-user-object


You're trying load a Haarcascade file with opencv.LoadHaarClassifierCascade() function in Golang, but you get this error message instead :

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Golang : Disable security check for HTTPS(SSL) with bad or expired certificate

golang https ssl-certificate disable-security-check insecure-skip-verify

There are times when a webmaster failed to renew the certificates from SSL connection in time or some other reason….... read more

Golang : Fix go.exe is not compatible with the version of Windows you're running

golang windows-installer 32-bit 64-bit not-compatible

Problem: You just installed the default binary download of Golang for Windows and when you attempt to execute go.exe binary….... read more

Golang : How to check if a website is served via HTTPS

golang final-url check-https ssl strings-hasprefix

Just a short program to check if a website has redirect to HTTPS(SSL) or not. What this program does is….... read more

Golang : Getting Echo framework StartAutoTLS to work

golang echo-framework https-TLS-certificates let-s-encrypt


You want to try out the Echo framework for Golang and somehow cannot get the AutoTLS recipe.... read more