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Golang : Set horizontal, vertical scroll bars policies and disable interaction on Qt image

golang qt image-viewer horizontal-vertical-scroll-bar-policy interacting-image

In the previous tutorial on how to create an image viewer with Qt example, a .... read more

AWS S3 : Prevent Hotlinking policy

aws s3 hotlinking policy

Problem :

Hosting a lot of photos or video files on AWS S3? Don't want other websites to link to….... read more

Santalaia the modern day version of Babylon's Hanging Garden

technology green-architecture vertical-garden

The first time I know about a building covered with lush greenery is the Hanging Gardens of Babylon in Sid….... read more

Golang : Progress bar with ∎ character

golang progress-bar

This tutorial is add on to the previous tutorial on how upload/receive progress indicator. Just a slight modification,….... read more

Golang : Upload/Receive file progress indicator

golang upload progress-bar

It is always nice to have a progress bar telling us how long to wait for the upload or download….... read more

Android Studio : Rating bar example

android-studio rating-bar java

Some people just like to give judgment. Whether a food quality is meh or delicious or an app is really….... read more

Android Studio : Indicate progression with ProgressBar example

android-studio progress-bar build-gradle import-library-gradle java

Anyway, starting to get comfortable in learning Android Studio and really happy with my learning progress so far. Wouldn't it….... read more

Golang : Qt progress dialog example

golang Qt progress-dialog-bar qt-core-process-events

Found a need to show progress indication while developing a Qt application recently. Below is a simple example of how….... read more