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Golang : Build new URL for named or registered route with Gorilla webtoolkit example

golang url gorilla-webtoolkit route

Problem :

Ok, you want to construct a new URL with Gorilla webtoolkit but don't know how. For example, you….... read more

Golang : How to feed or take banana with Gorilla Web Toolkit Session package

golang handler gorilla-webtoolkit session

From previous tutorial on context package, we learn that in order to pass data to other handlers outside….... read more

Golang : How to use Gorilla webtoolkit context package properly

golang handler gorilla-webtoolkit context

Many new comers to Gorilla web toolkit are confused as why they cannot pass variables to another handler with the….... read more

Golang : Login and logout a user after password verification and redirect example

golang bcrypt-password-authentication session gorilla-webtoolkit redirect-page

Writing this tutorial for my own future reference. User name and password authentication is a fairly common task for any….... read more

Golang : Gorilla web tool kit secure cookie example

golang secure-cookie gorilla-webtoolkit generate-random-key

Sometimes we need to track user payment status and store the items to be purchased in the browser's cookies cache/jar.….... read more

Golang : Gorrila mux.Vars() function example

golang gorilla mux-vars

Gorrila Web toolkit mux.Vars() function usage example. Vars contains the URI variables of the current request.

For example :

URL….... read more

Golang : Example of custom handler for Gorilla's Path usage.

golang gorilla route headers

In Gorilla WebToolkit's official documentation, the code fragment given in http://www.gorillatoolkit.org/pkg/mux#Route.Path does not show how to create custom….... read more

Golang : Gorrila set route name and get the current route name

golang gorilla route

Problem :

You want to know the current route that your user is using on your website and retrieve the….... read more