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Golang : Secure file deletion with wipe example

wipe-file secure-delete golang fill-slice-with-value


You are not sure if the file deleted by os.Remove() function is good enough to remove your data forever.….... read more

Golang : How to check if a string starts or ends with certain characters or words?

golang hasprefix start-with string

Problem :

You are building a rule for parsing text strings and you want to determine if a string starts….... read more

Golang : How to make function callback or pass value from function as parameter?

golang function callbackparameter-value

There are times we need to evaluate a function and pass the evaluated value as parameter to a function. In….... read more

Golang : Hue, Saturation and Value(HSV) with OpenCV example

golang openCV hue saturation value hsv


BGR colorspace has pixels intensity information encoded into the blue, green and red channels. You want to convert an….... read more

Golang : Aligning strings to right, left and center with fill example

golang align fill repeat-spaces string


You are so used to Python way of aligning text strings such as ljust(), rjust() and center() and Golang's….... read more

CodeIgniter : form input set_value cause " to become & quot

codeigniter quot html-escape set-value form-helper

Problem :

A string retrieved from database contains " and when you try to display the string with Form Helper's….... read more

Golang : Get checkbox or extract multipart form data value example

multi-part-form-data golang form-value parse-multipart-form

This tutorial is a slight modification on the previous tutorial on the how to upload multiple files and….... read more

Golang : Warp text string by number of characters or runes example

golang line-break character-wrap rune-slice slice-character


You have a long text string and you want to wrap the text according to a given number of….... read more