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Three types of difficulties in life.

children-education kids types-of-difficulties

Note to myself on how to prepare my kids and myself for the future.

In life, basically there are three….... read more

Explorer language encapsulated in Hokkien


When I was a toddler, my Penang side grandparents will sometime get worry when I was exploring around their village….... read more

"Lastic" - a simple rubber band and fingers device to fight mobile phone addiction

smart-phone-addiction lastic-rubber-band fingers children-education slingshot

I'm trying to get more son to do something else other than exercising his two thumbs on the mobile phone….... read more

Interpreting Hokkien, Jawi(Malay) and Tamil stone inscriptions found in Bukit Cina, Melaka

hokkien education bahasa-melayu jawi tamil melaka...

Many contemporary historians got it wrong when trying to interpret the history of ancient Melaka(Malacca) by looking at the Hanzi(Chinese….... read more

Responsible parenting tip on using street cleaners as example to teach children

garbage-collector children-education broga tiger-asian-parent

I was enjoying a nice family day at Broga, Malaysia yesterday and overall experience is wonderful. However a small event….... read more

Similarities of Bhavagad Gita and Rich Dad Poor Dad

rich-dad-poor-dad bhavagad-gita financial-education spiritual-guidance money

From time to time, I will re-read these two books. Rich Dad Poor Dad and Bhavagad-Gita. Below is my own….... read more

Honestly speaking. I am Hokkien educated

hokkien children-education age-of-artificial-intelligence teluk-intan中正夜校 chung-chen-free-night

Yesterday, a mother with 2 kids sitting next to my dining table approached me and asked why I'm teaching my….... read more