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Golang : Detect Pascal, Kebab, Screaming Snake and Camel cases

golang detect-cases pascalkebab-lisp-train-spinal screaming-snake-camel-cases

Just a small function that I wrote to detect pascal, kebab( also known as lisp-case, spinal-case or train-case), camel, snake….... read more

Golang : Detect number of faces or vehicles in a photo

golang openCV detect-objects-number detect-faces detect-vehicles

This is a short tutorial on how to use OpenCV to detect the number of faces in an image. Knowing….... read more

Golang : Tell color name with OpenCV example

golang openCV tell-color-names detect-color

Alright, I managed to train my 4-year-old son to learn color names. At this moment, he is able to name….... read more

Golang : Transform lisp or spinal case to Pascal case example

golang transform-cases pascalkebab-lisp-train-spinalscreaming-snake-camel-cases

This is a continuation from the previous tutorial on how to detect the type of cases such as….... read more

Golang : Find out mime type from bytes in buffer

golang image detect-types buffer

Problem :

You are building an application that need to detect the MIME type of an object. Such as an….... read more

Golang : Surveillance with web camera and OpenCV

golang surveillance openCV detect-faces IoT fetch

Times are bad and the economy in Malaysia is not doing well. People in my neighborhood are worried about the….... read more

JavaScript/JQuery : Detect or intercept enter key pressed example

javascript jquery detect-enter-key-pressed

Problem :

You created a text input box and want detect(or rather intercept) if the user pressed the enter button.….... read more

Golang : Detect user location with HTML5 geo-location

golang detect-location google-map

Problem :

You need to detect your visitor's location (i.e latitude and longitude) and display on Google map showing the….... read more