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Golang : How to write CSV data to file

csv golang

This tutorial is a continuation from previous tutorial on reading CSV file. The code below will demonstrate how….... read more

Golang : How to read CSV file

csv golang

One way or another, CSV file is going to be part and parcel of a developer life. A programmer will bound to meet up with….... read more

Convert JSON to CSV in Golang

golang json csv convert

Need to load a data file with JSON encoded data and save it to CSV file ? This tutorial will….... read more

Unmarshal/Load CSV record into struct in Go

golang csv struct

This is just a slight variation to the previous go read csv file tutorial. In this tutorial, we will use our own data structure and….... read more

Golang : Remove or trim extra comma from CSV

golang csv trim-suffix extra-comma

Jotting down this note for future reference. In case it might be useful to you. A friend has a CSV….... read more

Golang : Skip blank/empty lines in CSV file and trim whitespaces example

golang csv trim-whitespaces reader fieldsPerRecord TrimLeadingSpace


Your Golang program is reading from a CSV file and you want to skip blank lines in the CSV….... read more

PHP : Convert CSV to JSON with YQL example

php yql yahoo-finance jsoncsv

Just a note for myself for future reference. Putting this down here...maybe you may find it useful too.

This tutorial….... read more

Golang : Read tab delimited file with encoding/csv package

golang csv tab-delimited convert json

This tutorial is just a slight modification from previous tutorial on how to read CSV file and save….... read more