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Golang : Convert octal value to string to deal with leading zero problem

golang octal leading-zero-problem convert-octal-to-string

Problem :

You have some integer variables or input data that starts with zero and they are causing some funky….... read more

Golang : convert int to string

golang strconv convert-to-string

While working on previous tutorial on displaying struct values in string format with a method. I stumbled upon….... read more

Golang : Convert int to byte array([]byte)

golang integer-to-byte-array strconv convert-to-string

Problem :

You need to convert integer variable or constant to byte array ( [] byte ). How to do….... read more

Golang : How to detect if a sentence ends with a punctuation?

golang natural-language-processing punctuation-mark convert-string-to-rune

Problem : I need to detect if a line ends with a punctuation mark or not. How to do that?

.... read more

Golang : Turn string or text file into slice example

golang text-string convert-to-slice delete copy append

Alright, I need to parse a large number of text files that contain some raw data generated by a machine.….... read more

PHP : Convert(cast) string to bigInt

convert casting bigint string

Problem :

In PHP, you want to convert(cast) a string to become big integer value.

Solution :

Use GNU Multiple….... read more

Swift : Convert (cast) String to Float

swift string convert float

Problem :

You have a string value and you need to convert the string into type float.

Solution :

Use….... read more

Golang : Convert(cast) bigint to string

convert casting bigint string

Problem :

You want to convert(cast) a big integer value to string for display.

Solution :

Use big.Int.String() function to….... read more