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CodeIgniter : Load different view for mobile devices

codeigniter mobile

Codeigniter(PHP framework) supports the detection of client devices(user agents). In this tutorial, we will see how to use Codeigniter User agent class to detect the….... read more

CodeIgniter : How to check if a session exist in PHP?

php codeigniter session

Problem :

How to check if a CodeIgniter or PHP session exist or not?

Solution :

From the official PHP….... read more

CodeIgniter : Import Linkedin data

codeigniter linkedin OAuth

A while back I had a CodeIgniter project that involved importing Linkedin data. In this tutorial, we will try to : Authenticate into LinkedIn with….... read more

CodeIgniter : "Fatal error: Cannot use object of type stdClass as array" message

codeigniter fatal-error stdClass object

There are times when the error message returned by the interpreter or compiler just don't make sense. Today I encountered….... read more

CodeIgniter/PHP : Create directory if does not exist example

codeigniter php is-dir mkdir create-directory

Problem :

How to check if a directory exist or not? If not, how to create a directory?


.... read more

CodeIgniter/PHP : Remove empty lines above RSS or ATOM xml tag

php codeigniter xml-tag empty-lines rss atom


Your friend is complaining that your website RSS feed is busted and validating with https://validator.w3.org gives this….... read more

CodeIgniter : form input set_value cause " to become & quot

codeigniter quot html-escape set-value form-helper

Problem :

A string retrieved from database contains " and when you try to display the string with Form Helper's….... read more