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Golang : How to check if a website is served via HTTPS

golang final-url check-https ssl strings-hasprefix

Just a short program to check if a website has redirect to HTTPS(SSL) or not. What this program does is….... read more

CodeIgniter/PHP : Remove empty lines above RSS or ATOM xml tag

php codeigniter xml-tag empty-lines rss atom


Your friend is complaining that your website RSS feed is busted and validating with https://validator.w3.org gives this….... read more

Golang : How to get quoted string into another string?

golang quoted-string appendquote string

Problem :

You have a string and you want to join it with another string which is quoted. Somehow, you….... read more

Golang : Get sub string example

golang get-sub-string

Getting sub string is a common task in extracting details from a larger set of information. Here is a quick….... read more

Golang : Random Rune generator

golang random rune string

Just a quick tutorial on how to generate random runes and add on to previous tutorial on how….... read more

Golang : How to add color to string?

golang color string ansi

Back in the days of DOS ( before GUI was popular), programmers use colors to decorate text based application to….... read more

Golang : convert(cast) string to integer value

golang string cast integer

To convert or cast a string to integer value, just use the strconv.Atoi() function. Below is the code example to….... read more

Golang : Increment string example

golang increment-string suffix string


You need to create "copies" of a file, prevent user from overwriting files accidentally or need duplicate database content….... read more