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Golang : Fix cannot convert buffer (type *bytes.Buffer) to type string error

golang convert-buffer bytes-buffer string

Encountered these similar error messages while working on the previous tutorials on how to reset buffer and writing to http.ResponseWriter….... read more

Golang : Fix cannot use buffer (type bytes.Buffer) as type io.Writer(Write method has pointer receiver) error

golang io-writer bytes-buffer pointer-receiver

Problem :

You created a variable of type bytes.Buffer and encounter this error message when you want to use the….... read more

Golang : Convert(cast) bytes.Buffer or bytes.NewBuffer type to io.Reader

golang bytes-buffer io-reader convert-cast

Problem :

You need to convert or type cast bytes.Buffer or bytes.NewBuffer type to io.Reader to use in io.MultiReader() function….... read more

Golang : Concatenate (combine) buffer data example

golang concatenate combine string bytes-buffer

At previous tutorial on how to concatenate ( combine ) strings data, a reader asked how to concatenate….... read more

Golang : Reset buffer example

golang buffer reset truncate

There are two ways to reset a buffer that with content ( length not equal zero ). You can use….... read more

Python : Convert(cast) string to bytes example

python string bytes

Problem :

You have couple of string variables in Python and you want to convert or type cast the string….... read more

Golang : Find out mime type from bytes in buffer

golang image detect-types buffer

Problem :

You are building an application that need to detect the MIME type of an object. Such as an….... read more

Golang : Reclaim memory occupied by make() example

golang buffer garbage-collection make

Problem :

You have allocated some memory for buffer via the make() function and you want to reclaim back the….... read more