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Python : Convert(cast) bytes to string example

python string bytes

Problem :

You want to convert or type cast bytes variable to type string variables in Python. How to do….... read more

Python : Convert(cast) string to bytes example

python string bytes

Problem :

You have couple of string variables in Python and you want to convert or type cast the string….... read more

Golang : Clean up null characters from input data

golang remove-null bytes trim

Problem :

You have input data in slice of bytes and you want to remove the null characters in the….... read more

Golang : Sort and reverse sort a slice of bytes

golang sort reverse-sort slice bytes

Problem :

How to sort and reverse sort a slice of bytes ?

Solution :

Import "github.com/cznic/sortutil"

Use the ByteSlice….... read more

Golang : convert(cast) bytes to string

golang convert bytes string three-dots

Encounter a problem when helping out a co-worker today to read in data generated by another program. To make it….... read more

Golang : Read from buffered reader until specific number of bytes

golang bytes bufio specific-number read

Problem :

You have a buffered reader streaming in with data. You want to limit each read to a specific….... read more

Golang : Fix cannot convert buffer (type *bytes.Buffer) to type string error

golang convert-buffer bytes-buffer string

Encountered these similar error messages while working on the previous tutorials on how to reset buffer and writing to http.ResponseWriter….... read more

Golang : Convert to io.ReadSeeker type

golang io-readseeker convert file bytes-newreader

Problem :

You want to open a file, read the content into a buffer and then convert the buffer to….... read more