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Golang : bufio.NewReader.ReadLine to read file line by line

golang bufio-newreader read-line

In the previous tutorial on how to read file line by line with bufio.NewScanner() example. The previous example….... read more

Golang : Read large file with bufio.Scanner cause token too long error

golang token-too-long bufio-scanner bufio-reader

There are couple of ways to read files with Golang and one of the common way to read in file….... read more

Golang : Scanf function weird error in Windows

golang scanf bufio readstring

Got a newbie to Golang asking for help in the Golang Facebook group and he is having trouble….... read more

Golang : Convert to io.ReadSeeker type

golang io-readseeker convert file bytes-newreader

Problem :

You want to open a file, read the content into a buffer and then convert the buffer to….... read more

Golang : How to run your code only once with sync.Once object

golang sync-once strings-newreader configuration-data

Problem :

You have a function that will load a resource such as reading configuration data from an external file….... read more

Golang : Accept input from user with fmt.Scanf skipped white spaces and how to fix it

golang accept-input scanf whitespace bufio-readstring

Problem :

Your program accepts user input from console(terminal). It was working fine if the user input is in one….... read more

Golang : Flush and close file created by os.Create and bufio.NewWriter example

golang bufio-newwriter os-create flush close-file

Whenever a new file is created by os.Create() function and data being written to the file with bufio.NewWriter(). It is….... read more

Golang : Test input string for unicode example

golang test-unicode-string utf8 bufio


You are trying to create a slightly different solution for user that use unicode and you want to test….... read more