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Swift : Convert (cast) Float to Int or Int32 value

swift int convert float int32

Problem :

How to convert float variable value to type integer in Swift programming language?

Solution :

Use the Int().... read more

Swift : Convert (cast) Int or int32 value to CGFloat

convertcast swift int cgfloat

Problem :

How to convert (cast) Int or int32 value to CGFloat type in Swift programming language ?

Solution :

.... read more

PHP : Convert(cast) int to double/float

convert casting int float double php

Problem :

You have an integer value and you need to convert it ot double or float value in PHP

.... read more

Golang : How to split or chunking a file to smaller pieces?

golang split-file chunk big-file

Problem :

You have a big file and you want to split / chunk the file into smaller pieces. How….... read more

Golang : Upload big file (larger than 100MB) to AWS S3 with multipart upload

golang upload-big-file AWS s3 objects

At my previous tutorial on uploading file to Amazon Web Services S3, a reader asked if the method….... read more

Golang : Convert(cast) float to int

golang convert type-cast float int

One of trait of a good programmer is laziness. There are times that I wish to have a complete source….... read more

Golang : Convert(cast) int to int64

golang convert type-cast int64 int

It is not so cool to use type int now. It was so yesterday. Everyone wants to move to 64-bit….... read more

Golang : Convert IPv4 address to packed 32-bit binary format

golang ip-address packed-32-bits-binary big-endian

There are times when we need to deal with low-level network functions such as dealing with C program and the….... read more