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Golang : Totalize or add-up an array or slice example

golang slice array sum totalize add-up

A simple example on how to totalize or add-up all the integer elements in a slice/array. Just use a for.... read more

JavaScript: Add marker function on Google Map

javascript add-marker google-map

Problem :

You want to create add marker Javascript function to put markers on Google Map canvas. How to do….... read more

Golang : Append and add item in slice

golang slice array append add-element

Problem :

You need to append/add new element into a existing slice. How to do that?

Solution :

Use the….... read more

Golang : Post data with url.Values{}

golang url-values post-data add-header

Just a short example on how to use url.Values{}. This code fragment is taken from previous tutorial on….... read more

Golang : How to Set or Add Header http.ResponseWriter?

golang header set add http-response-writer

Problem :

How to set or add header to http.ResponseWriter?

Solution :

The solution is similar to previous .... read more

Golang : Round float to precision example

golang float round-precision round-up round-down decimal-points

Just an add on for my previous tutorial on how to round up or down a float number.….... read more

Golang : Display float in 2 decimal points and rounding up or down

golang math-pow float round-up round-down decimal-points

We will cover 2 items for this tutorial.

First, we will learn how to display a float number in….... read more

Golang : Set or Add HTTP Request Headers

golang header set add http-request http-client

Problem :

While coding the tutorial on how to interface with PayPal, I need to add header value….... read more