Golang image.RegisterFormat function example

package image

 func RegisterFormat(name, magic string, decode func(io.Reader) (Image, error), decodeConfig func(io.Reader) (Config, error))

RegisterFormat registers an image format for use by Decode. Name is the name of the format, like "jpeg" or "png". Magic is the magic prefix that identifies the format's encoding. The magic string can contain "?" wildcards that each match any one byte. Decode is the function that decodes the encoded image. DecodeConfig is the function that decodes just its configuration.

Golang image.RegisterFormat function usage example

 import (

 func init() {
  image.RegisterFormat("jpeg", "jpeg", jpeg.Decode, jpeg.DecodeConfig)
  image.RegisterFormat("png", "png", png.Decode, png.DecodeConfig)
  image.RegisterFormat("gif", "gif", gif.Decode, gif.DecodeConfig)

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