Turn any object into a TV remote control with computer vision

No more excuses for not being able to turn on the TV because the dog ate the remote control!

Matchpoint is a computer vision system that allows users to turn any object into a remote control just by making a set of predefined motion towards the system's web camera.

According to the researchers at Lancaster University, the user can change the channel, adjust the volume and even fast forward as long the user controls the on-screen pointer.

Chris Clarke, the study author, said in a statement:

"Our method allows for a much more user-friendly experience where you can change channels without having to put down your drink, or change your position, whether that is relaxing on the sofa or standing in the kitchen following a recipe,"

Clarke added.

"You could even change the channel with your pet cat."

I've seen this similar technology before in a technology exhibition by high school students from around Asia in KL. A booth by Korean students has a prototype of 3D printed index finger glove where it has the similar function to the computer mouse with an on-screen pointer and clicking with the thumb. Another similar concept can be found in the LEAP motion device.

Not sure why these new gadgets haven't replaced the computer mouse yet. Maybe it is too tiring having to our body parts(other than fingers) around just to move a pointer on the screen.

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By Adam Ng

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