Teach your kids to spot opportunites by pouring Chinese tea to cups

Not many people are aware that the most important lesson to be learned from a Chinese family dinner is the task of pouring tea. Yes! Pouring tea into cups around the dinning table.

The task of pouring tea to fill up the empty or half empty Chinese tea cups are usually reserved for the youngest member in the family.

For some kids, the task of pouring tea looks like a demeaning job. For parents, this is a way to discipline the children.

Chinese tea

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Learn how to spot opportunity by observing empty cups and fulfill the demand.

After many rounds of pouring the tea, the individual doing this "mundane" task will ... well ... hopefully, not to think that it is burden, but start to think as a way to sharpen up the mind. Sharpen up the mind to look and hunt for opportunities. Empty cups are opportunities to be filled up by tea. In future, this kind of skill will become natural and will be helpful in sales, business and romantic life.

For example, spotting that the market needs product A and you start to import/manufacture product A(brewing tea) and supply to the market(pouring tea).

If your children don't have the opportunity to pour tea or coffee to your family members regularly. Get the kids to be a waiter on part time basis.

One of the wealthiest person in Asia, Mr. Li Ka-shing started out as a waiter in a dim sum restaurant in HongKong. The founder of IGB(Ipoh Garden Berhad) - developer/owner of MidValley Shopping complex in Kuala Lumpur started out pouring Chinese tea as well. This is how they started to sharpen their minds on spotting opportunities.

How about you and your children?



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