Preparing my self and my kids for the Age of Artificial Intelligence

It is 2019, Information Age is over and so is Internet Age. We are officially in the Age of Artificial Intelligence(A.I). Like it or not, A.I will permeate throughout the world and will drastically affect our own lives and our kids way of life.

Today, if you're caught jaywalking in Shenzhen, China... the cameras along the street will capture your facial images and almost instantaneously recognize who you are and automatically deduct money from your WeChat mobile wallet.

Today, if you're a criminal that thought the authorities won't be able to catch you while you're enjoying your entertainment... you will regret it soon.

Today, if you don't pay your dues to the building management, your apartment door will automatically block you from entering your own property.

Today, A.I help us to handling information overload and help us in remembering a lot of data. I used to be able to remember my relatives and friends house phone numbers. Now, there are apps that will do that for me. In fact, some A.I enabled apps and devices already help us in getting rid of dialing by numbers all together.

For my kids:

In the Age of Artificial Intelligence, I .... being a parent must :

1) Realize that my kids success is no longer determined by the academic scores. I need to expose them early in the A.I enabled world. I will get them to use the washing machine. A washing machine is in fact the first robot most people ever own. Yup, it will be the first A.I enabled device or robot my kids will get exposed to.

my first robot is a washing machine

2) Not pressuring my kids to be someone that I want, but rather to nurture my kids talent and self learning ability. I believe that the seeds for their success already come together with them when they were born into this world. Let the seeds grow.

3) Not to spoon feed my kids with textbooks information, they need to build their own experience database. I need to protect their curiosity and provide the environment for them to gain the experience. In short, rote learning is obsolete.

4) To become multilingual and able to communicate in a way that A.I won't be able to understand. This is for my kids own protection. The language spoken inside our human minds will be last line of defense against A.I.

5) To make them understand where they stand in the A.I enabled world. It is not about them feeling threatened by A.I but rather do they want to work for A.I or A.I work for them?

Preparing myself.

1) I'm a leftover from the Information Age, cruising along Internet Age and now entering Artificial Intelligence Age.

2) Instead of acquiring knowledge that will become obsolete as soon as I leave the job or the product/industry that I work on collapse. I need to acquire knowledge that I can compound on. Becoming better and more profitable as I age.

3) Need to teach my kids to become multilingual like myself. In this way, I got a chance to refresh my own memories and knowledge. If they cannot become multilingual... no pressure.

4) I'm a Malaysian, but learning from Singapore on how to prepare myself and family. Like it or not, I considered Singapore government to be forward looking and always a couple of steps ahead in preparing their citizens for the future. Learning and picking up a few tips from the the web page. Part of their "communication a.k.a propaganda" series Eat Already(吃饱没?) Season 4 emphasize on the needs to become multilingual, ensuring food security, preparing for old age and educating the future generations.

Eat Already(吃饱没?) Season 4 Youtube:

In the meanwhile...

This song by the Taiwanese rappers MC HotDog and A-Yue will provide a summary of what's going with our lives in the Internet Age. They described it pretty well and advice you to "leave"....

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By Adam Ng(黃武俊)

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