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The last time I went to the gym was back in 2008... that was when I'm still with IBM and Fitness First gym is just 6 floors below my office. Got married and life was "prosperous" till now.

2 kids later and working hard to develop my own online business changed my body from a thin guy into a fat slob. Apparently, sitting in front of the computer, coding and drinking cokes took a serious toll on my body. My body weight hits 100 kgs and I'm seriously not happy. I want to be healthy again but it seems to be a struggle just to move my butt and go exercise.

Earlier this year, a friend shared a training video from Jordan Yeoh in Facebook and his training videos on Facebook inspired me to get back into shape again.

Training video snippet such as below is good enough to motivate me to exercise. Hopes that it will have the same effect on you too if you're in similar situation as me.

20 variations of Abs exercises. Hope it helps.

Posted by Jordan Yeoh on Sunday, July 9, 2017

So, who is Jordan Yeoh?

Jordan Yeoh with durians

He is a certified personal trainer and a drug-free fitness model. You can check out more details on his Facebook page.

Now, I'd lost 15 kilograms, code while standing, feeling healthier and still working towards my goal of losing additional 10 kilograms.

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