Generate electricity with vibrations

Let's not waste all those free electricity generated by vibrations, such as dancing or walking. Why not kill three birds with one stone - have fun, burn calories and generate electricity with the SUSTAINABLE DANCE FLOOR created by Dutch artist Dan Roosegaarde.

dance floor that generates electricity

The technology behind the sustainable dance floor utilizes the piezoelectric effect. A piezoelectric disk at the bottom of the dance floor generates a voltage when deformed (change in shape is greatly exaggerated) and what's the best way to deform a piezoelectric disk? By getting a people to dance on it or simply to walk on it.

Perhaps in future, we get to earn money by simply walking or dancing to generate electricity for our cities. In that way, our cities will have cleaner airs and more healthy people.

Clearly a product with a green design that we should embrace now and pass on to the future generations to come. Hope to see more cities around the world adopt this technology.

Find out more at or download the factsheet PDF.

Image credits: by @jakobowens1


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