Find out the font name with WhatTheFont

Found this interesting online tool call WhatTheFont. Basically, it allows you to upload an image and tells you the list of possible font names. Handy tool to have around and will definitely save a lot of time from searching or trying to figure out a font name you see on other web pages.

First it will try to figure out the uploaded font automatically and if you're not satisfy with result, you can also ask for a human to help you out at WhatTheFont Forum.

Here is a sample of my attempt to get WhatTheFont to figure the font I screen grabbed from

Uploaded this image to WhatTheFont

screen grab to test what the font

and after a while, WhatTheFont returned this result :

what the font asks to check you the character highlighted matches the image

Cool! It was able to figure out the individual characters.

Now, bear in mind that there are some limitation on the characters or components found in the image that you want WhatTheFont to process. If your image breached the limit, it will prompt you with this following error message.

error processing image by whatthefont

Here's the final result given by WhatTheFont, it shows the top 5 matches of the font names. Awesome!

top 5 matches font names by WhatTheFont

By AdamNg

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