Book review - All My Friends Are Dead.

Ok, so I decided to pop out from my office a.k.a my man cave to park my butt at a nearby cafe and try to work. Instead of working, I ended sipping coffee and reading books. Here is one book that caught my attention and the title is "All My Friends Are Dead."

A well-illustrated minimalist book by Avery Monsen and Jory John that sure to entertain your brain. Below are some of the pages. Enjoy before you die!

All my friends are dead book cover

All my friends expired on Tuesday

please stop buying my friends

All the governments are grappling with ageing population worldwide. They thought robot or artificial intelligence is the answer. What people really want is friendships... not a robot or A.I.

robot not programmed to have relationship

At the end, most will end up to be accompanied by the bottom feeder.

a happy bottom feeder - err - worm waiting for us to die

You can buy the book from Amazon.

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